It’s official: reasonable adjustments not allowed

In my post, Very few reasonable adjustments for disabilitiesI queried if it was asking too much to have a routine CMHT follow-up scheduled for today  via conference call.

To recap, I tried desperately, for a week to convince the CMHT Psychologist to do the  follow-up over the phone. The cost of the taxis combined with the usual 40 minute wait to get one for the return journey is too much. I already knew that physically I was not up it and financially I really need the money for groceries and utility bills.

The first few times the Psych was going to return my call. Never happened. I phoned again yesterday morning and the Admin consulted with him. It was decided that a decision would be made today at the time of my appointment (1pm)..

As I stated, If I don’t turn up, the CMHT can be drop me from the service. The woman on the phone was quite cross when I pointed out the obvious. They’ve been seeing me for occupational therapy, physio (that didn’t work), etc. for over a year now. I’m not some unknown entity. I’ve had difficulties in at every appointment – to the extent that it often takes two or three people to help me up out of their very low chairs. And they never fail to comment on that and question why I am not getting any social care.

Suffice it to say that I finally managed to get out of bed around 11:30am. I didn’t feel remotely human until around 12:45. Already I’ve had a nasty incontinence accident and had to manage to clean myself up via the sink and change my clothes again for the second time today. I would have preferred a bath but it’s not a consideration having gotten stuck for two-plus hours the only time I tried to be that self-indulgent about hygiene. I also need help with showering, but as it’s part of the inaccessible bath.I don’t attempt it on my own very often – to the point that I feel really awful and grotty. the majority of the time. I’ve run out of perfume and body spray to mask any smell and it’s just enough to be able to afford deodorant. It disgusts me that I can’t manage as well as I used to pre-disability.

So there you have it; this was my day before I even needed to brave leaving my flat. Yet the CMHT are burdened by a phone call instead of a visit in-person?

They surely must be for it is now nearing 2:15 and my watched telephone has yet to ring.


4 thoughts on “It’s official: reasonable adjustments not allowed

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  3. I also find that all health services seem to insist on you being there in person or they won’t help you – even if they know full-well that your disabilities make it pretty difficult for you to go to them!

    I’ve found the same thing with phone calls – total relutcance to do things over the phone even though it won’t make any difference unless it is something where a physical examination is specifically required.

    Also, they don’t seem to do home visits at all! This is ludicrous. Surely it would be quicker for them to do home visits that cope with people who find it difficult to get there (so might be late) and who need a lot of help to leave too. I happen to know that some consultants are on six-figure salaries (seriously, I’ve seen data on this), yet they can’t strain themselves for all the money they are paid to do a few home visits each day? Disgusting.

    With mental health issues people are put in an impossible situation: if your mental health is very bad out of hours and you cannot face leaving the house to get help, let alone braving a noisy A&E ward with rude staff, your only alternative if you are in a really bad way is to call the police….who will detain you under Section 136 and lock you in a cell (or, if you’re lucky, a hospital-based 136 waiting area, but these are rare) until a mental health professional can help you.

    Aside from the stress of having to be arrested (yes, a 136 does count as an arrest, even though its main use is for illness), a section 136 WILL show up on a CRB check, so it can prevent you getting work (I already know people who’ve had this experience) and also, if you ever want to go abroad, some countries will refuse to let anyone in, even for a holiday, who has a 136 on thier record!

    So not only inadequate support for people who may not be able to get to the hospital themselves, but a possible arrest and record too! What a lovely way to treat we disabled people!

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