From the Masses

Originally resubmitted to deviantArt c. 2006

I wrote this 30 years ago at the age of 15 growing up in down-at-heel Philadelphia. Some things never change no matter where one lives in the world.

From the Masses

In slum jungles
wars rage throughout eternity

Mothers pray for their children
and go to church

But few really want to

The rich minority
terrorizes the poor majority

They call it
Peace, Justice and The American Way

For some
a little knowledge is a dangerous thing

A lesson the others should not forget

Supposed good intentions
from those that be called politicians

The Old get jumped
by the one they call Dr. Death

And the government call it Social Security

Gangs offer the poor
protection from themselves

And Mr. Fear be knockin’ at the door
every day

Dr. Death’s brother
which be called Harsh Reality
knocks the lower classes down

And the medicine men
call it



5 thoughts on “From the Masses

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  2. powerful stuff for a 15 year old Lisa. so so sad, things don’t seem to change much, just go round in cycles. one day the planet will just get completely fed up and get rid of the lot of us!!

  3. Great post today! I really enjoyed reading it. Poetry and creative writing is something we all can enjoy. Thanks again for writing this.

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