Housing Benefit Cap #ukpolitics

I had to respond a @guardian article on the latest Housing Benefit Cap.

For all the people saying “move to a cheaper area” – fair point; but bear this in mind please: In sensible system Housing Benefit Claimants would be able to simply transfer from area to another. Unfortunately, as you all keep saying, this is the “real world” and it doesn’t work like that. You can only move around in the area of the council providing the payments. If you move out of the area, you lose everything and have to establish residency (usually at least 6 months) in the new location before you can even contemplate applying for assistance. True, there are charities etc out there that can help – but even in this digital age, such information is not always easy to come by and in fact, can be just as problematic to secure as any funds by the State. Consider yourself fortunate that you’ve never been in a position where you are desperate for a lifeline to help you get back on your feet – it’s a lot easier said than done.