#CreativeCrip #DLA Appeal Result! #disabilityuk #ukcare – UPDATED

The DLA Appeal  has gone in my favour.

  • Severe mobility impairment finally recognised.
  • Care needs acknowledged but minimal award granted.
  • To be reviewed Sep’13.

Sobbing hysterically!

Shame it’s going to go on rent, food and utilities…!!

23 Aug 11 Update:  

Contacted by CAB whom I forgot to call in the heady days since the result came through. We agreed that though the Care component is disappointing, acknowledgement of my mobility needs is a huge step forward in the right direction.

I will not pursue a review of the Care decision. This has been an incredibly soul-destroying experience in some respects. The case will be closed until the Review, at which time I will definitely enlist the assistance of the CAB should I summon the courage needed to put myself through this all over again.


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  2. Pleased for your success, having filled in numerous DLA forms over the years for my 2 autistic children I know how stressful the whole process is. Best wishes. R

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