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Earlier this month ATOS Healthcare, a subsidiary of French IT firm Atos Origin, quietly made it known that they had joined forces with University of Derby – Corporate to accredit training for Atos Nurses. Their Certificate of Achievement – Disability Analysis will give Nurses 30 of 120 credits required for a BSC (Hons) in Nursing.

It is important to note that just a few days after the ATOS-Derby announcement, The Green Party called for the removal of ATOS from benefits assessments.

There are many concerns about this alliance and  programme that need addressing. It is even more imperative in the aftermath of the Second Reading of the Welfare Reform Bill in the House of Lords and subsequent push by the Liberal Democrats to amend the WRB time-limiting ESA stipulation at this year’s Party Conference that we get much-needed answers.

  • The Coalition’s Secretary for Work & Pensions Iain Duncan-Smith & Disability Minister Maria Miller have been conspicuously quiet on this matter as have the Liberal Democrats and Labour Opposition. Again, only The Green Party has specifically addressed the growing concern of ATOS’s questionable practices and called for the French IT firm to be completely removed from benefits assessments.
  • The ATOS-Derby press release implied that ATOS Healthcare is fully in control of the methodology by which ESA & DLA medical assessments are carried out. 
  • How is it that what really amounts to little more than corporate “in-house” training (namely medical “observation” at ATOS centres & getting to grips with the ATOS LIMA computer system ) can be
    1. professionally accredited and
    2. comprise 25% of a BSc (Hons) nursing degree (30 of 120 credits)
  • If the Department of Work & Pensions is in total control, then surely the process should be opened up to more than a single “Provider”, as with there other government-outsourced healthcare services? Proposed NHS reforms specifically come to mind along with existing Back To Work programmes (ESA WRAG & JSA)
  • On the basis noted above, would other Providers
    1. have to  adhere to ATOS methodology (including LIMA)
    2. be required to have the ATOS-Derby Certificate
  • As ATOS has mandated this Certificate as a requirement for their nursing staff, who covers the cost of the programme – them or their employee?
  • Conversely, how would the same apply to other Providers and their employees if lumbered with ATOS as the official DWP overseer?

Even with the proposed amendments to the WRB, the deck is still being stacked against people with disabilities with this ATOS-Derby alliance and the related nursing certification. This in spite of Harrington himself finding ATOS-driven benefits assessments “unfit for purpose”.  It is interesting to note that many universities around the globe offer either specialist disability training as part of a nursing degree or as a standalone specialist nursing  qualification, so far not one them has partnered with a profiteering IT corporation influencing government policies which themselves are driven by anti-welfare disablist ideology.


Thank you to Mark Brown (@MarkOneInFour) for his feedback on Twitter and kotaatok for their comment. on my original post. I attempted to raise this with several media contacts; will be vigorously pursuing to raise awareness.

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  10. Fully in agreement with your concerns, but I can offer some info on the professional accreditation side as a friend has been deeply involved in accreditation policy for a number of years. The drive to accredit alternative learning comes out of a recognition that conventional learning was failing many people, that they were picking up a lot of high quality training later, but that they couldn’t then use that training to count against uni entrance requirements, job requirements and the like. So they put in place an accreditation framework to cover that, but that does mean that things like this are also covered.

    Specific problems with the ATOS accreditation I can see are:
    1) A quarter of a degree is a huge amount, and nothing I’ve seen about the quality of ATOS training leads me to believe that this is appropriate.
    2) Accreditation is supposed to be independently verified wrt quality of the course. If ATOS and Derby are financially linked, then that fails the test of independence, we need to know who accredited the course.

    • I’m actually quite au fait on Accreditation, but thanks for the input on that front. Despite that – to me this still has a strong whiff of the government & ATOS stacking the deck of the #fitforwork game…

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