Do you really think the Conservatives care about #disabled people? Esp those that cannot work? ~ @THemingford #WRB

Another very disturbing news item this week is about how a government report on how it is implementing the United Nations disability convention fails to include a single mention of how the coalition’s spending cuts and welfare reforms will undermine disabled people’s rights.

You can read the full item here.
How can we trust David Cameron, Maria Miller and the Government if they fail to tell the truth and disclose facts in a UN report?

You may find this link of interest:

Maria Miller was shot down in flames – she was challenged on the PIP timeframes, her numbers, her hearsay on the disabled groups she’s “spoken” to.  She was asked for evidence of the disabled groups that agree with PIP.

Maria Miller was also taken down on her comment that Harrington has not enough time to do the reports in 2 years, yet they want to implement 1.8 million assessments in 18 months. It demonstrates well the lack of aptitude and the asinine attitude of an unrealistic, misguided and naive Government.

I think we are starting to see a very disturbing pattern in how elderly and disabled people are treated and viewed.

Quoting the article again:

“In one case, a member of staff at Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust said they had to prescribe water on medical charts to ensure patients got enough to drink.”

Lest we forget that, we are all potential victims to illness and disability and one day, we are all old.

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7 thoughts on “Do you really think the Conservatives care about #disabled people? Esp those that cannot work? ~ @THemingford #WRB

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  5. One thing I can’t understand is that the UN was quick to take up the cudgels on behalf of the Dale Farm travellers – and rightly so – but not a flicker of interest in the plight of the chronically sick and disabled (not the same as”simply” disabled, see in that the majority of the CS&D may well be quite unable to work due to the illness which has caused their disability, whether that illness be physical or mental). They – we – are probably in the greatest danger from the WRB, lives WILL be wrecked, homes lost, lives too – yet the UN turns a blind eye. Perhaps our mistake is not living in a third-world country, I don’t know. It does seem odd though.

    I had planned to contact them myself, but, perversely, have simply been too ill to even remember to do so, but I must make the effort. So should all of us who can – let’s not just leave it to someone else – they might be leaving it to you! The more of us jump on this bandwagon, the more chance we have of making an impact.

    And time is running out.

      • Possibly – no way of knowing. If so, probably someone in the traveller community, they do tend to be well-connected (in terms of numbers anyway). Conceivably, someone local to the UN in Europe simply went along and talked to them.

        Mind you, the UN were ignored anyway.

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