#OccupationLSX – Marketing 101

I support #OccupyLSX, but unfortunately the movement has lost sight of its original intended purpose with the sideshow that is the on-going battle with St. Paul’s Cathedral. What it boils down to are textbook marketing principles – “The Big Idea” or “Unique Selling Proposition” being the most important.

As I stated in a discussion on Twitter; challenging St. Paul’s wouldn’t be problematic

if the big idea of the movement is about religious institutions.

It’s not.

If everything is about Bankers & Finance then it makes sense to focus attention on those entities which embody them.

Having worked in ivestment banking you and I both know that St Paul’s doesn’t have the resonance of other locations like Canary Wharf... Itself located in one of the poorest boroughs of London/deprived areas of Britain with no real benefit to the underclasses living in its shadow.

Ppl are off the mark with St Pauls …

Ppl need to remember the stink HSBC made about tax & the threat to leave Canary Wharf. They got what they wanted from govt.

I appreciate the emotions that drive the #Occupy movement – especially as one who ticks several of the boxes favoured for scapegoating: I’m “only” a UK Resident; a immigrant single woman of colour having to rely on the State post-disability and post-redundancy. I am living a life that is the worst nightmare for many. It can’t be reiterated enough that everyone is one step away from misfortune. The people who dismiss the movement overall are those who are either hanging on to what they have by a tenuous thread or are exist in the lofty 1% who will stop at nothing to hang on to wealth and power.

The New York Times said in an editorial that #OccupyWallSt “hit the bull’s eye” by being “after the right people and in the right place”. Whilst it’s true the article alludes to the broader #OWS movement across the US; it would be wilfully obstinate to ignore the sound geographic target marketing strategy of the original Wall Street protesters. Eduardo Porter nails it in the first paragraph:

Occupiers of Zuccotti Park and other sites around the country have been criticized for the fuzziness of their goals. Their complaint that the privileged few in the top 1 percent are getting a disproportionate share of the nation’s prosperity, however, is spot on. And Wall Streeters are taking a bigger and bigger chunk of that income.

Religion is big business and Churches are corps with tax-exempt status. For example Trinity Church Wall Street has ties to the British Crown and owns a great deal of New York City real estate. As I also stated on Twitter, the wealth of St. Paul’s Cathedral and the interests that drive it are hardly unique and the conflict between it and the protesters was inevitable over the longer term. The focus for much of last week has been on the soap opera being played out with the Cathedral, its staff and protesters while the real culprits driving our collective economic misfortune are probably having a chuckle as they mockingly raised more glasses of champagne between utterances about the camp of “champagne socialists” spoiling their fun.

OLSX lost a great PR opportunity in not following up directly on the eviction from Paternoster Square. The relocation to St. Paul’s Cathedral in some ways is just a plaster on a festering wound. For the #OccupyLSX campaign to be most effective; the camp itself needs to be where the core demographic is.


2 thoughts on “#OccupationLSX – Marketing 101

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  2. I have a problem with OccupyLSX, and the logic of occupying St. Paul’s after being tossed out of Paternoster Square. They have no beef with St. Paul’s, yet their occupation is disrupting the cathedral and everyone who might want to visit or make use of its facilities. And it’s clear that people are beginning to question their motives as, indeed, am I.

    OccupyWallStreet is camped where it belongs, IN Wall Street. Following the OccupyLSX reasoning, OccupyWallStreet should be camped out at St. Patrick’s cathedral. Which would be stupid and undermine public sympathy and support – just as at St. Paul’s, in fact.

    OccupyLSX, having been evicted from Paternoster Square should have regrouped and returned. If they were tossed out, then they go back again. And again, and again – as long as it takes to make their point. Arrested, they become martyrs to a just cause. At St. Paul’s they just become a bloody nuisance.

    It is totally inappropriate, occupying a site which has absolutely nothing to do with their target. The occupation of St. Paul’s isn’t simply illogical, it is, by any measure, patently unjustifiable.

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