ATOS Meltdown Continued: Dark Night of the Soul (#DWPPressOffice #workfare #ESA #disabilityUK #ukmh #mhuk #a4e)




Sometimes you just need someone to hold your hand and mentor you through things.

This is one of those times.

The ATOS ESA WRAG meltdown continues.

I’ve been begging for help I haven’t gotten to be a self-employed CripSpoonie / SpoonieCrip for over 2 years. I have pushed myself beyond endurance to cope with a never-ending vicious circle of ATOS “assessments”, genuine medical appointments and My not insignificant physical & mental health problems are getting worse thanks to the spectre of doom unleashed by #UKgov that I can’t escape. I am far from being idle; I am woefully unsupported. I’m having #ukmh#mhukmeltdowns several times a day since the new ATOS tactic of phoning DWP victims at home from their call centre kicked in and I became the latest chalkmark in a rainstorm.

So with no money behind me & no support from my GPs or politicos & well-known journos I’ve tried to get interested in my personal situation & my #ATOSuniCampaign – Ive accepted the fact that I will live longer by not going to ATOS.

I’m already at the ESA time limit & would lose it anyway so no point in subjecting myself to the dog and pony show. I sat up most of the night wondering which was less painful; slitting my wrists or overdosing on all the meds. I live by the riverside so a great test of my paralytic agoraphobia would be to hobble outside and somehow force myself over the railing or better yet off the Barrage.

I have great skills and the background to be an successful Entepreneur and also sound project ideas to help disabled people in the UK — but I need GENUINE help to stop being the burden I clearly am. Suicide is a permanent solution; one welcomed by the main 3 #ukpoli parties.


#disabilityUK #wrb ~ In the words of Laurence Fishburne in *Boyz N The Hood* — “Why? they want us to kill ourselves. Go to Beverly Hills and you don’t see this shit… Why? – because they want us to kill ourselves.” <> RT @pennyessex@CreativeCrip no one should EVER be made to feel like that, no human being should be pushed to such extremes EVER.


#workfare isnt only about young ppl — FFS Im 46 & have fought it twice… 2004 & NOW!! <> RT @ns_mehdihasan: RT @justmckeat: You know how Iain Duncan Smith could fix this #workfare mess? By getting everybody between 16 and 24 a multi-millionaire spouse like he did.…


#disabilityUK#mhuk#spoonie ~~ can’t cope with putting myself through more ATOS hell. Can’t face leaving flat for appt & they are demanding MORE medical info to consider coming to flat for latest ESA WCA even tho they visited for DLA not long ago. In WRAG yet self employ support was a4e crap. Not going. No point since at time limit & DWP can shove #workfare. Eff them all!!!…


My tweets this morning were a testament to how damaging the actions of the main three parties are – and don’t even get me started on odious UKP and the neo-Nazi BNP.

I attempted suicide not long after becoming disabled Xmas 2009. At the moment I’m perhaps still too stubborn to give @DWPpressoffice more fodder to take the piss of… Still trying to convince my critics and, perhaps more importantly, myself, that I am useful but worth more than being used and tossed aside on the scrapheap.

I’m just one more person to add to the already too-high DWP bodycount. There are many people standing at the precipice and it won’t take much for them to go over. Friends of the #DisabilityUK community – REPRESENT!! PLEASE!!!

TLC – What About Your Friends

PS: RIP Fellow Philly Girl Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes. You’re not forgotten. You kept me going in life, you’re keeping going even after your untimely death. 

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  4. I feel for you, am going through the same cycles of worry and suicidal thoughts. Why are they doing this to us when all we need is a little help and we could be independent?

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  6. I hope you feel a bit better soon. I know what you’re going through, in some small measure; thankfully TwAtos are leaving me alone for the moment, but I’ve had my fights with the DWP in the past, and my next one is set to be a doozy! I’m rooting for you, hunny, please rest as much as you can. Give yourself one day a week to completely forget the shit that’s going down, where you treat yourself to a Malteaster bunny or settle down with a book or dvd and forget about the rest of the world. I really hope things start looking up for you soon. Take care xxxxx

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