“I’m probably not the only person who feels that having two people of the same gender (whatever that might be) at the top, who can excel in those positions, is better than having a weak person in one of those positions simply to fit a demographic template.” ~ a comment I wholeheartedly agree with.

Stephen Wood

Putting together blog posts has felt a little more difficult in recent weeks. For the aspiring Green blogger, this period is probably one of the most interesting times in which to be writing: we are taking a step into the dark and selecting a new leadership team to take forward our agenda over potentially the next four years or so. At the very least, this team will be fronting us at the next General Election.

Even though a few more days remain for candidates to be announce themselves to the membership, the individuals who have come forward represent some of the most promising of the next generation for the party and I’m genuinely hopeful that we will have a closely-fought contest that gives an honest insight into the current ideological soul of the Green Party.

I’m struggling a little to write as regularly, because I am actively working on the

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