@CreativeCrip Suspended from Twitter as of 28th Sept 2012

A few of my Twitter followers have noticed that my @CreativeCrip account has been suspended.

This was unexpected and completely without warning. I am of the opinion that this has occurred  because of malicious reporting on the part of adults who find it impossible to either block or ignore those whom they don’t like or disagree with or both. The circumstances are thus:

On 27th September someone I used to follow (but who still appeared in my timeline) said

“Depression doesn’t kill you, you do.”

I retweeted this along with my own comment that I found that assertion to be patronising and unhelpful. The following day he had a go at me – knowing that his rabid followers will immediately act upon any beef that he decides to have with other people. This is what he does – he gets his followers to go after people he doesn’t like or disagrees with.

Someone popped up and had a go at him. She doesn’t even follow me but decided to call him out (to me), saying that he and his followers had attacked her and accused her of being disablist for the observation that “disability is only one aspect of identity”. She had quite a bit to say to him in the main and kept copying me in.

Why I don’t know.

I was in middle of tweeting that she needed to keep me out of her sustained rants at him when my account was suspended.

It was *that* quick.

Mine was the only account suspended. Not hers. Not his.

Fast-forward several hours later. I tweeted the third party moaner from 1 of my 2 business accounts after the @CreativeCrip suspension & said “my @CreativeCrip acct is suspended thanks to the good Rev. In future pls keep me out of your chats w him. Thanks.” No response. She blocked me. I then looked through her timeline and saw that she was making an attempt to cosy up to him again, trying to get back in his good graces. Call me stupid, but there is no way in hell I would ever suck up to anyone who threw me under a bus and in so public and odious a way. Someone has suggested that this could be quite a clever little ploy by both parties – suffice it to say there is nothing that wouldn’t surprise me at this point especially considering who is involved. It’s not the first time something like this has happened on Twitter (or other social media platforms) and it sure won’t be the last.

It’s a funny olde world indeed.

So here I am fighting to get the suspension lifted. I have put too much hard work into @CreativeCrip to simply give up and possible start again: (1) that account has been mention in the Society Daily listings in The Guardian quite a bit and (2) my work through that account and The Broken of Britain also earned me a nod from Left Foot Forward in Nomination for most influential left-wing thinker: The disabled rights community

All are noted on my LinkedIn Profile here: uk.linkedin.com/in/iconicimagery

Needless to say – at the moment I feel like I have had enough of Social Media, and Twitter especially.

11 thoughts on “@CreativeCrip Suspended from Twitter as of 28th Sept 2012

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  2. True. I wanted to point out that it’s easy enough to get someone suspended from twitter. And if as you imply it takes two people to block/report then twitter really need to reconsider how they go about suspending accounts. Sorry, if I have upset you. It certainly wasn’t my intention. It was a brief moment of inattention to what was really going on beneath the surface.

    • “It was a brief moment of inattention to what was really going on beneath the surface.” — you apparently know a lot more than I do then…

  3. Sit tight. It normally takes about 3 days for twitter to reinstate the account. Do write to them & query the suspension. My account was also suspended after I critiqued a particularly poor film review published on a well known left zine. People have realised that they can get accounts suspended by ganging together and reporting to twitter when they feel they’ve been offended.

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