STORIFY: Depression, Disability, and WOC #disabledWOC


When not being summarily ignored and erased, WOC on Twitter discussing Depression and other forms of Neurodiversity and Disabilities are routinely shamed for not being the “strong” women we are stereotyped as by WP and other POC. *ANGER AS AN INDICATOR OF DISTRESS* is never considered.


by me as @CreativeAspie

1 thought on “STORIFY: Depression, Disability, and WOC #disabledWOC

  1. Thanks for sharing this (I’ve never really seen Storify – interesting). You were able to share your experiences without people chiming in making it about themselves –> Now that’s a rare treat. I appreciate you sharing your perspective as a #diabledWOC, #disabledPOC, I’m learning a lot from you. Thank you for continuing to share and i know you do it regardless of the garbage you have to wade through – so double thank you.

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