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A4e Work Programme Customer

 A4e Work Programme Customer
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Minister‘s anger over ‘job snobs’ opposing Tesco work experience for unemployed screams the latest scrounging headline in the Daily Telegraph (aka The Torygraph). UK government and media should be ashamed of demonising people with disabilities, the   lower-classes & unemployed benefits claimants. Yet they conveniently overlook public figures, the middle class & wealthy who also claim benefits and MPs who have more lives than a cat when it comes to landing on their feet despite expenses scandals. The steady diet of lies & misinformation fed to the British masses is abominable.  Continue reading

Millionaires and the welfare state

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Millionaires and the welfare state http://t.co/K0PB9EDR

Scrounging Statistics and Soundbites No. 3: Millionaires & The Welfare State #WRB #benefits #ukpoli


“@: I have just published my blog ‘Benefits and the F word’ herehttp://paullewismoney.blogspot.com/2012/02/benefits-and-f-word.html

My thoughts:

What most people don’t realise is that in order to be “officially” recognised as Disabled you *must* be in receipt of DLA. Without it, it is impossible to get much needed help and support – even something as basic as a blue Badge, utility bill discount or motability car. The various programmes that exist are also run along the same tiers used by the DWP – ie, lower, middle & high rate for both care and mobility. If you don’t get higher rate of mobility or care, youre out of luck. This was my experience after becoming disabled a few years ago and using my savings, post-redundancy to fund my needs. Once that money was gone and I needed help, only then did I begin the arduous process of claiming benefits to try and keep going while I aimed for self-employment.

Were DLA not the determiner for access to services etc, I would say it is a moral issue for wealthy people like this man or David Cameron – and given the difficulties of those without such financial comfort in trying to meet the most basic of needs, the wealthy should bear the costs of their needs as long as they are financially able to do so.

Yet again – the system that is at the heart of the problem even more than any one person’s sense of “entitlement”.

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Not idle, just unsupported: my original #disabilityUK #dpulo idea for #benefitscamp

I‘ve had many crises over the past few years which chipped away at my resolve to stay positive and be grateful that things could never get any worse than they were in those moments. Becoming disabled is a challenge I never anticipatedI have followed the discussions of the Welfare Reform Bill in the Commons and now the House of Lords and it has literally driven me to despair. What hope can ordinary people have if a disabled Peer, Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, is publicly disrespected and her concerns about the inaccessibility of the chamber summarily dismissed by her esteemed not-yet-disabled colleagues?  Continue reading

Scrounging Statistics and Soundbites No. 2 #WRB #Benefits #ukpoli


“We are ALL taxpayers & majority of #benefits goes right back into govt coffers & economy including landlords & retail sharks like Brighthouse. The housing & amenities of poorer locales tell a story and it’s not a nice one.” ~ Me on Twitter via twitlonger.com (@CreativeCrip)


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I don’t want to live this life… #wrb #disability #ukpoli


It seems I can kiss my #ESA goodbye with the 1yr limit. Submitted yet another review pack for Xmas and STILL have not heard back. #WRAG has been humiliating & useless. A4E – they of benefit busters infamy. Found Venture Wales on my own – they saw me once, made promises & then vanished. I’m being punished despite pushing myself to do everything that I was ordered to do.

Then again everyone’s attitude is “eff off home” despite the fact that I’m domiciled here and have paid top tax pre-disability. I also have nowhere to go back to in the US even if I wanted to. Would rather die than have to go back to situations I fought hard to escape from.

I’m newly disabled – it’s tough enough having to cope with all the things I can’t do and need help with and the pressure & upset brought on by the DWP & Atos has made things much worse. I’m tearing my hair out with worry over becoming homeless again. Council homeless unit & housing programme admin pathetic. Too bad the suicide attempt Xmas 2009 failed.

And for any assholes that want to snipe about Tweeting, blogging & work – I’m trapped in bed, soaking wet and have slowly tapped this out on my mobile while flat on my back. I’ll crash unconscious another 3 or 4 times before I might have the strength to force myself up. Give me perfect health and the #ukbiz & #ukcare support I need to be self-employed and you can take my ESA and housing benefit.  I hate what my life has unexpectedly become.


Note:  For further background, review the section “The ‘Me’ You Don’t Know” and my Atos, DLA & ESA Category posts on the my experiences trying to get help.



Scrounging Statistics and Soundbites No. 1 #WRB #Benefits #ukpolitics

New to the blog: a Category for Facts & Figures. Factchecking prompted by disablist Labour loyalists spouting right-wing tabloid rhetoric about benefit fraud. Especially disturbing as one fronts a Think Tank.

It’s important to note that tax credits have left half of working families dependent on welfare and stuck in menial, demoralising jobs that don’t pay a proper living wage. 

Tax Credits, themselves a Benefit, are a subsidy for employers making it easy for them to maximise profits and  perpetuates disenfranchisement that’s very difficult to escape.

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