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I was interviewed recently for Grazia Australia regarding the #xmasathome #nyeathome Twitter campaign for people who are alone during the Holidays. Writer/Editor Vanessa Lawrence (@NessLawrence) gave me a great Christmas present in the form of a PDF of the final article as it appeared in print.

You can read it HERE

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#xmasathome, #nyeathome and #virtualnye 2012: In Defense of Humbug


I was interviewed recently for Grazia Australia regarding the #xmasathome #nyeathome Twitter campaign for people who are alone at Chistmas.

What Jay Smooth says in this vlog from 2009 sums up my general attitude about the Holidays perfectly.


#xmasathome, #nyeathome & #virtualnye 2012: @CreativeCrip suspended by Twitter, change of plan

I’m always alone and attempted suicide Christmas 2009.

Last year marked the first of what is turning out to be an annual Twitter event in supporting those of us who are either literally alone for the Holidays or feel isolated for whatever reason. Started by @prestontowers of prestoninstitute.com, I tweeted #xmasathome #nyeathome 2011 support as @Creative Crip  and blogged here about it.

New Year’s Eve was a bigger effort. Not onlydid I blog here (a few times in fact), I also did a feature on my latent Crip Island Posterous Blog replete with photos taken in-world during my own corresponding #VirtualNYE campaign event in the virtual world (aka metaverse) Second Life linked into a Google Hangout celebrating the new year as it was rung in across the globe.

Yesterday I woke up to the bitter reality of my @Creative Crip account being suspended without warning yet again. At first I decided to not bother, simply because of the significance of the @CreativeCrip identity to me and to others who rely on me for support. My mind was changed by sleeping on it and getting a few tweets from my followers. I was reminded of how many people look to me as a source of strength online despite my own fragility. I prefer to keep my Twitter activity compartmentalised, but when it comes to something like #xmasathome #nyeathome #virtualnye, keeping an eye on the bigger picture is vital.

So this year I’ll be tweeting support from @IconicImagery, the account for my Marketing Communications business and my new @GamerFems project (gaming, metaverse, feminism and all manner of geekery). I’ll also have another post or two about #VirtualNYE 2012-2013 in the next few days. The support is the thing that matters regardless of which account it comes from. So let it be written, so let it be done.

That’s how I roll.

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I don’t want to live this life… #wrb #disability #ukpoli


It seems I can kiss my #ESA goodbye with the 1yr limit. Submitted yet another review pack for Xmas and STILL have not heard back. #WRAG has been humiliating & useless. A4E – they of benefit busters infamy. Found Venture Wales on my own – they saw me once, made promises & then vanished. I’m being punished despite pushing myself to do everything that I was ordered to do.

Then again everyone’s attitude is “eff off home” despite the fact that I’m domiciled here and have paid top tax pre-disability. I also have nowhere to go back to in the US even if I wanted to. Would rather die than have to go back to situations I fought hard to escape from.

I’m newly disabled – it’s tough enough having to cope with all the things I can’t do and need help with and the pressure & upset brought on by the DWP & Atos has made things much worse. I’m tearing my hair out with worry over becoming homeless again. Council homeless unit & housing programme admin pathetic. Too bad the suicide attempt Xmas 2009 failed.

And for any assholes that want to snipe about Tweeting, blogging & work – I’m trapped in bed, soaking wet and have slowly tapped this out on my mobile while flat on my back. I’ll crash unconscious another 3 or 4 times before I might have the strength to force myself up. Give me perfect health and the #ukbiz & #ukcare support I need to be self-employed and you can take my ESA and housing benefit.  I hate what my life has unexpectedly become.


Note:  For further background, review the section “The ‘Me’ You Don’t Know” and my Atos, DLA & ESA Category posts on the my experiences trying to get help.



My #VirtualNYE Campaign supporting #NYEathome : This is how I roll.

I’m listening to fantastic music by RED as I battle against technology and epic Twitter Fail Whaling this last late afternoon of 2011.

In addition to my usual New Year’s Traditions to set a good tone for the coming New Year, I have initiated #virtualNYE – my own campaign in support of the brilliant Twitter-based #NYEathome initiative based in Australia run by Twitterers @prestontowers @Steph_Philbrick & @Doc_Samantha for those of us alone or feeling low during the holidays.

My Crip Island sim in Second Life has a Twitter Wall displaying the #NYEathome feed and there’s also a livestream of worldwide video countdowns. I’m setting up a Flickr photogallery, but below is a snapshot to give you a taster.

VirtualNYE on Crip Island in Second Life

#VirtualNYE on Crip Island in Second Life

Online Events for those of us at home (multi-tasking is the name of the game!):

Kasabian LIVE from London’s O2 Academy: http://www.youtube.com/TheO2NYE

Earthcam’s New Year’s Eve 2012 – Worldwide:  http://www.ustream.tv/earthcam

Second Life: Music, Dancing, Fireworks and more. Check Destinations and Events listings on the secondlife.com site as well as more comprehensive details in-world. This year also sees the new addition of Linden Realms, the SL equivalent of a gaming experience.

For Gamers: Lord of the Rings Online, SkyRim and World of Warcraft have numerous events going on in-world. Check the usual spots and variosu Guild / Kin postings online and player chat channels..

Daria Musk’s GooglePlus New Year’s Eve Hangout – Worldwide: http://newyearshangout.com/

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