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The Joint Committee on Human Rights also recently highlighted the risks regarding the rights of disabled people in their report, Implementation of the Right of Disabled People to Independent Living’. Also the Scottish Campaign for a fair Society, told the Human Rights Council of the UN that the United Kingdom Government is in breach of its human rights obligations to disabled people, their carers and families.

CarerWatch Forum and the risk of potentially ‘libellous’ hyperlinks

French IT firm Atos has finally shed some light on the “libellous” post which prompted them to strong-arm the CarerWatch Forum host into de-activating the service.

“The posting which we consider to be defamatory against Atos Healthcare and our employees is dated March 23rd, 8:51 pm.”

Yes, this uproar is off the back of a post from five months ago. Continue reading

CarerWatch Discussion Forum “likely” to be reinstated after talks with Atos

Community Care UK reports that CarerWatch is like to have their forum up with it’s current host after discussions with Atos. Continue reading

Charities slam DWP contractor Atos for shutting down disability support group | Political Scrapbook

Charities slam DWP contractor Atos for shutting down disability support group | Political Scrapbook.

The perils of hosting political content in the UK

Original article in full by @indigojo_uk at 

I’ve not written about the ATOS issue here as many others have covered it adequately and I won’t start now; this is more about the dangers of hosting political content of any sort in the UK. Put simply, if you are running a web hosting service in the UK, you are liable for any defamatory content that is on your servers, exactly as if you were a newspaper owner. The customer is probably paying you a small amount, say £5 a month, so you can afford to lose their business more than you can afford the costs of legal action; the plaintiff will find it easier to sue you than your customer, who is unlikely to have the means to pay and may well have given you a false name and address. So, from the customer’s point of view, it would only take one lawyer’s letter to get your site shut down, at least temporarily until you remove the “offending” content. Remember, it does not matter to your host if it is true.

On a personal note: political content or not, my professional recommendation to friends and potential clients has always been to use non-UK services. Having researched many, only handful have made my preferred list. I also agree with the author of this article that free or cheap is never an ideal option and especially for Activists and Campaigners. It’s worth investing in your campaign by using good quality services, with careful attention paid to the terms of use.

~ @CreativeCrip / @IconicImagery

CarerWatch Forum – latest takedown by Atos

“We have been informed by our hosting company that we are under threat of legal action by ATOS and have therefore been taken down.”


CarerWatch Letter to Atos Legal Department

We have many members who are very fragile and the sudden disappearance of a support group has caused a lot of distress and fear. Some are ringing us in tears. We cannot get in contact with all of them though as we have lost their contact details through the closure.

All this distress could have been avoided if you had had the courtesy to contact us first and tell us what had been posted on our site that you considered libellous. Obviously if any post was possibly libellous we would have removed it and all this distress could have been avoided.