#ATOSUni Campaign Update No. 4: Enter Margaret McCartney


Image by Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty via Flickr


Great news!

As promised to me in my last ATOSUni Campaign Update, today on Twitter @mgtmccartney has sounded the klaxon calling for nurses who have taken part in Derby University-Atos training to speak to her in confidence.

M. McCartney Twitter Screenshot
@mgtmccartney, Twitter

Margaret McCartney is the GP who sensationally added to the Atos maelström with her British Medical Journal feature “Well enough to work” in which she investigated the ethics and fairness of the disability assessment process. #ATOSuni will be part of a planned follow-up and Dr. McCartney can be contacted privately via e-mail at margaret@margaretmccartney.com.

#ATOSUni has yet to hit mainstream consciousness even with the Machiavellian farce that is the House of Lords Welfare Reform Bill discussions and voting lead by Investment Banker Lord Freud. A testament to just how badly the decks are stacked against people with disabilities and benefits recipients in general are the Welfare and Employment Conference 2012, featuring Department of Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith, which takes place on 26th January and Lord Freud’s “Of Mutual Benefit Launch” Demos event held in March 2011. The latter is all the more odious as it was “a privte, invitation-only roundtable taking place under Chatham House rule in the Wilson Room, Portcullis House, House of Commons”.

I can but hope that Dr. McCartney is able to make inroads where I have not.

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Rejoice and make merry friends – for the Department for Work & Pensions has finally done us a good turn!

Fellow Spoonie Warrior Tim Abbott of  Light Chronicals Info and Producer of the Technical Difficulties show on Reasonance FM pointed me and @BendyGirl in the direction of this gem.

Have a good weekend!



DWP: Atos Healthcare Contact Details for "Clinicians". DO NOT GIVE TO PATIENTS! Seriously .... LOL