STORIFY: I am a #DisabledWOC, not a “Differently Abled” WOC

Another day ending in y where I tackle ableism. Plus, my perspective as a Housebound #disabledWOC on the latest round of ‘Hashtag Activism” bashing.



by me as @MochaLisaccino

Another #invisibleillness #Disability Diagnosis: Gilbert’s Syndrome

Gilbert’s Syndrome is another complex invisible illness / disability I was diagnosed with. It is a condition that goes a long way into explaining why many medical treatments and diet changes don’t work for me. Unfortunately no GP wants to document it, including the one who make the discovery.

The problem is that conventional medical wisdom dictates that GS is harmless despite suggested heredity links. However, there are studies that show that those diagnosed with the condition have the many of the same debilitating chronic illnesses in common (ex: IBSFatigue), the risk of recurring bouts of jaundice aside.

Following is a link to a UK-based GS Patients support organisation.

NEWS – #FunFriday epicness: #DWP #ATOS fail

It’s not often that people with disabilities have much to laugh about, even on a #FunFriday.

Rejoice and make merry friends – for the Department for Work & Pensions has finally done us a good turn!

Fellow Spoonie Warrior Tim Abbott of  Light Chronicals Info and Producer of the Technical Difficulties show on Reasonance FM pointed me and @BendyGirl in the direction of this gem.

Have a good weekend!



DWP: Atos Healthcare Contact Details for "Clinicians". DO NOT GIVE TO PATIENTS! Seriously .... LOL