Native Trailblazers Radio Show Appearance 2013.11.01

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It’s #NativeAmericanMonth  #NativeAmericanHeritageMonth & we need to talk about Anti-Black #racism & #colorism in NDN Country.

So I did along with other related issues including racism in disability activism.

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Dear @Mulborough #ukriots #benefits

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RT @Mulborough — @CreativeCrip: dock #UKriots benefits “are middle class/wealthy having wages docked?” Wages are *earned* through work, you utter twat

Dear @Mulburough:

I *earned* my benefits by working and paying 40% tax and only because I was damned lucky to be able to achieve what I did and no thanks to a system still puts limits on strong, educated and highly skilled women and especially women of colour from disadvantaged backgrounds.

I am intelligent and compassionate enough to realise that it’s impossible for everyone in society to “pull themselves up by their bootstraps”. The Masters of the Universe make it impossible – millionaires in the Cabinet who were blessed with free education at elite schools and who now deprive others of the same advantages they had. Many of those running this country were born into wealth and have never held a “real” job in their cushioned lives. For them it was ok to take drugs (Osborne) and riot (Cameron and Johnson)… just a bit of fun *larking around* at Oxford and beyond. For them it was also OK to claim Disability Living Allowance for disabled familiy members and other Benefits like Tax Credits, in spite of their enormous wealth.

They are playing a dangerous game of chess driven by a warped hypocritical elitist ideology and we are all their pawns.

The reality is that many of the rioters were adults, educated, had good jobs and came from “good” familiesSome were privileged young adults of upper-class families – and these people are not facing the same level of consequences as those who are decidedly disenfranchised. Politicians and some segments of the media carry on with their dangerous hatemongering platitudes about “the feral underclass”, spinning a tabloid frenzy against ethnic minorities in England’s major cities. How convenient to ignore the opportunistic comfortable and well-off rioters like the millionaire’s daughter featured in the muckraking bible of scaremongers, the Daily Mail.  It is this castigation of the poor painted with pictures of mostly Black youths and stories of Asians & Whites “defending their area” from them which has only served to engender more dangerously ill-informed ignorance like yours .

What you fail to understand is that one day, it could be you or someone you care about needing help from the State and through no fault of your own. It really should not take personal misfortune. and especially by the middle class, to have that understanding. We are lucky to live in one of the wealthiest and democratic countries on earth, so we are told. Yet  those being held to account for the riots in the worse possible ways are the least advantaged. That just doesn’t seem logical or fair to me.

This is the short version of of my thoughts on the matter and I stand by every word.

Disagree as is your right, but unlike you I don’t believe that “happiness writes white” even for a racist. As for myself, at least I don’t hide who I really am behind a pseudonym. – which is why it’s so easy for people like you to take personal shots at people like me as your preferred method of discourse.

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