I don’t want to live this life… #wrb #disability #ukpoli


It seems I can kiss my #ESA goodbye with the 1yr limit. Submitted yet another review pack for Xmas and STILL have not heard back. #WRAG has been humiliating & useless. A4E – they of benefit busters infamy. Found Venture Wales on my own – they saw me once, made promises & then vanished. I’m being punished despite pushing myself to do everything that I was ordered to do.

Then again everyone’s attitude is “eff off home” despite the fact that I’m domiciled here and have paid top tax pre-disability. I also have nowhere to go back to in the US even if I wanted to. Would rather die than have to go back to situations I fought hard to escape from.

I’m newly disabled – it’s tough enough having to cope with all the things I can’t do and need help with and the pressure & upset brought on by the DWP & Atos has made things much worse. I’m tearing my hair out with worry over becoming homeless again. Council homeless unit & housing programme admin pathetic. Too bad the suicide attempt Xmas 2009 failed.

And for any assholes that want to snipe about Tweeting, blogging & work – I’m trapped in bed, soaking wet and have slowly tapped this out on my mobile while flat on my back. I’ll crash unconscious another 3 or 4 times before I might have the strength to force myself up. Give me perfect health and the #ukbiz & #ukcare support I need to be self-employed and you can take my ESA and housing benefit.  I hate what my life has unexpectedly become.


Note:  For further background, review the section “The ‘Me’ You Don’t Know” and my Atos, DLA & ESA Category posts on the my experiences trying to get help.