#Workfare #WorkProgramme: My Solutions for #UKgov #WRB (UPDATED)

A4e Work Programme Customer

 A4e Work Programme Customer
(Photo credit: Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty)

Minister‘s anger over ‘job snobs’ opposing Tesco work experience for unemployed screams the latest scrounging headline in the Daily Telegraph (aka The Torygraph). UK government and media should be ashamed of demonising people with disabilities, the   lower-classes & unemployed benefits claimants. Yet they conveniently overlook public figures, the middle class & wealthy who also claim benefits and MPs who have more lives than a cat when it comes to landing on their feet despite expenses scandals. The steady diet of lies & misinformation fed to the British masses is abominable.  Continue reading

#Workfare #WorkProgramme: My Solutions for #UKgov #WRB

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 #Workfare #WorkProgramme: My Solutions for #UKgov #WRB


The majority of those championing workfare have no direct experience of it. I won’t hold my breath that Employment Minister Chris Grayling, DWP Secretary Ian Duncan Smith and other MPs would gladly “volunteer” to give up their cushy role & expenses – and live on workfare for at least one year before again passing judgement.

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