I am Lenape and Nanticoke





I am a Lenape and Nanticoke Native American, currently Resident in Wales (UK).

About my people:


Lenape Indian Tribe of Delaware
Tribal Government Website

The Confederation of Sovereign Nanticoke-Lenape Tribes
Confederation Website

Nanticoke-Lenape Museum & Learning Center
Confederation museum and educational facility

Nanticoke and Lenni-Lenape Tribal Nation of New Jersey
Tribal Government Website

The Nanticoke and Lenni-Lenape: An American Tribe
Tribal Website Archive

The Nanticoke Indian Tribe of Delaware
Tribal Government Website


Delaware’s Forgotten Folk: The Story of the Moors & Nanticokes
C. A. Weslager

The Nanticoke Indians Past & Present
C. A. Weslager

The Delaware Indians: A History
C. A. Weslager

We Are Still Here!: The Tribal  Saga of New Jersey’s Nanticoke and Lenape Indians
(free downloadable PDF)
John R. Norwood


Native Americans of Delaware State
The History and Genealogy of the Mixed-blood Descendants of Native Americans of the State of Delaware and parts of Eastern Shore Maryland and Southern New Jersey & Pennsylvania 

We Have a Story to Tell: Native Peoples of the Chesapeake Region (PDF)
NMAI (with contributions by my mother and other family/tribal members)

Return to a Native Place: Algonquian Peoples of the Chesapeake 
NMAI (Nati’l Museum of the American Indian) on the National Mall, Washington, DC

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